Before I begin to write anything about the ME3 ending I want to take time to discuss the issue with Day 1 DLC. Many “fans” are outraged that they had to pay for DLC on the first day release of the game. I however did not. The reason for not paying isn’t because someone gifted me a code or that Bing essentially paid for the DLC for me, like they did with many of the New Vegas add-ons. I received the DLC free because I bought the limited edition ME3. Now this whole uproar over the Day 1 DLC to me is a bunch of nonsense. Here’s why: I paid more money to receive extra content, which I got with the art box, comic, and the DLC. If we think about this in terms that I’m getting extra material for spending extra money and because you spent less you get less I think the whole situation makes sense. Let’s think about this from another perspective. What if those who purchased the limited edition of ME3 were the only people to receive the “From Ashes” content. How much of an uproar would be going on then? In my estimation it would be absolute chaos. There would be cries of “we should be able to play the extra content too!” and “why should I have to pay extra money to get items I’m not interested in just to play the extra content!?” I think I paid close to $80 for my limited edition, the actual price escapes me but I’m pretty sure it’s $80… anyways if you compare that to the 800 Microsoft points ($10) spent to purchase then you have actually spent less than what I spent and I haven’t even looked at the additional content that came with my purchase. From my point of view I spent extra money to guarantee the extra content and BioWare is making sure that other players have the ability to play it as well. The extra content was part of a ploy to get consumers to purchase the limited addition, to spend the extra money, and then like I just said they wanted to make sure that everyone had the ability to play the content if they wanted. You don’t need it to play through the game it just expands the story and the universe of Mass Effect.

I know there is a valid debate about selling someone something that merely needs to be unlocked: I.E. allegedly the ‘From Ashes’ DLC was already on the disc. There is absolutely a valid argument of whether a consumer should have to pay to unlock game-play elements on a disc they’ve already paid for. However again if you look at it from the perspective a person who made the extra monetary commitment to purchase the limited edition then it would only seem fair that a consumer who purchased the regular retail version would have to pay a little to enjoy the same story and game-play elements that I spent extra funds for.