So Duke Nukem Forever got a lot of bad press.  Lots of people expecting it to be the best thing since Sliced Bread 2: Revenge of the Jelly, when it totally wasn’t.  A game that’s been in development for 12 years?!  Really?  You were really expecting some masterpiece?  Duke Nukem 3D was never like that, the thing that was so awesome about DN3D was that you could interact with pretty much everything.  Strippers that showed you their… tassles, pissin’ in the urinal, kickn’ ass and chewing bubble gum were just some of the things that made DN3D great, not the amazing story, gameplay, or technical triumph.  And I would have to say that Duke Nukem Forever does the same exact thing.  It’s an entertaining game.  A lot of reviews I read seemed to be very highbrow, as if Duke’s humor was below them.  Get over it!  I’m not trying to say that it was such an amazing gaming experience, nope, just saying that if you took it for what it was, it was pretty entertaining.  Maybe that nostalgia has worn off, if so, I’m sorry you grew up.  But me, I’ll take that immature humor anytime!