Battlefield Playing History:

If you’ve been reading the comics then you should have noticed by now that Ian and I are Halo players, not necessarily good Halo players, but Halo players all the same.  However a few summers ago Dice released Battlefield 1943 as an Xbox 360 arcade and I picked it up on whim and had fun playing it for a couple of weeks.  (I also got Ian to buy it and he had fun playing it as well)  Do to unfortunate circumstances I lost my 360 and just about every video game I own so I was forced to restart my game collection this past winter.  During the period of time I only had enough money to pick up one game so I was relegated to playing that game and whatever arcade games I had purchased.  So I began to play Battlefield 1943 again and realized how much I loved that game.  So I went and picked up Battlefield Bad Company 2 when I had enough money and I had a blast playing the game.  I brought it over to Ian’s place and we played for a while and I got him to buy it as well.  Battlefield is a great change of pace to Halo or perhaps its a modern time set game that plays most closely to Halo, I’m not sure, but it’s a hell of a lot of fun to play.  So I couldn’t wait to try out Vietnam.


The game is enormous fun to play.  The sound is excellent, the game looks beautiful, and I love that everything is time specific.  What I mean by time specific is that no guns can use optics of any kind except for sniper rifles.  That means players will have to get used to the iron sights.  The weapons themselves are time specific, only allowing you to use weapons that were used in that era, same goes for the vehicles you use as well.  A nice addition is the soundtrack that Dice added for this game, which again is time specific.  Getting in a vehicle and hearing CCR blaring is a fun addition to destroying the enemies with tank shells to the dome.

Speaking of vehicles, the helicopters in the game, from what I’ve seen, are not nearly as much of a menace as they are in BFBC2.  While admittedly I’ve only been playing conquest on the 360 and I’ve only played a couple of hours, you can shoot down a chopper with a weapon equipped with magnum ammo.  I watched Ian shoot down a Huey with a PPSH, a engineer weapon, and I think he was the only one shooting at it.  Sure he used up all of his ammo but he took it down and it only took about a minute and 1/2 to do.  *Warning I’m a terrible helicopter pilot* but the helicopters seem easier to fly than in BFBC2, but again I’m no ace pilot.

It seems that in Vietnam the sensitivity is actually increased from BFBC2, so players might find the controls a little too responsive and might need to tone them down.  I’ve heard some players on their youtube videos say the guns seem to feel a little different but I haven’t noticed that myself.

All in all the expansion was worth the 1200 Microsoft points I spent to buy it and if you like Battlefield owning this expansion is a must.